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TERMS AND CONDITONS                                


These Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire agreement and shall apply automatically once the registration is successful. It shall be between GLOBAL ADZ NETWORK COMPANY and also its Members and Affiliates.

The company will respect your Right to Privacy and making sure that personal data of its members will be not used for any circumstances that are not related to company policies. Marketing Strategies that Team Leaders, GC Admins and members may use to promote the growth of its network/team, the company is NOT LIABLE or responsible for any misrepresentation.


1. Any person of legal age, corporation, partnership or any legal entry may apply and become a member by attending the Offline or Online Business Presentation and must Register to the Official Website

2. Online Registration is 100% FREE and there will no collections to be accepted in any form while registering.

3. A member may choose any of the following Membership Plans if he/she wishes to upgrade its account:





> Retailer's Account Activation (Webtool)

* Can Load to all network with 1 load Wallet

* Over 700+ Eloads, Ecoins and Epins Products

Member’s Privileges:

> Global Adz Account (24/7 Real-time Network System)

> 50 Ads per day

> Referral Commission

* 1st Level: 10%

B. PREMIUM PLAN @ 150.00


> Retailer's Account Activation (Webtool)

* Can Load to all network with 1 load Wallet

* Over 700+ Eloads, Ecoins and Epins Products

* Full Online Retailer Account (24/7 Real-time System)

Member’s Privileges:

> Global Adz Account (24/7 Real-time Network System)

> 150 Ads per day

> Referral Commission

* 1st Level: 10%

* 2nd Level: 4% 

C. GOLD PLAN @ 500.00


> Sub-Dealer's Account Activation (Webtool)

* Can Activate UNLIMITED Retailer's Account

* Over 700+ Eloads, Ecoins and Epins Products

* Full Online Retailer Account (24/7 Real-time System)

Member’s Privileges:

> Global Adz Account (24/7 Real-time Network System)

> 750 Ads per day

> Referral Commission

* 1st Level: 10%

* 2nd Level: 4%  

* 3rd Level: 3%

* 4th Level: 2%

* 5th level: 1%                     

4. Clicking Ad earnings is ONLY A PRIVILEGE for Purchasing a Membership Plan Package which has the MAIN PRODUCTRetailer/Sub-Dealer  Account Activation Only.

5. As an Active Member he/she/it shall be entitled to corresponding Referral Commission (Direct and Indirect), Click Ad Override and other privileges given by the company.

6. Must observe the company's rules, regulations and Codes of Ethics

7. There shall be no employer and employee relationship between Global Adz Network Company and the Members

8. Payment transactions should be made accordingly inside the office or thru any designated payment options prescribed by the company  

9. Must send its Latest proof of encashment to Support Ticket 24-48 hours after Releasing Period, to avoid declining or of current encashment request or suspension of account.

10. The company is authorized to deduct the corresponding taxes/fees derived from Member's Commissions and other Earnings.

11. The company is also authorized to implement fees or any charges if necessary

12. The company shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation made by its Members

13. Any misspelled letter(s) or word from member's personal information should only reflects to its member. The company should not/will not be liable for any incident(s) which will connect to this kind of concern/issue. 

14. The company implements the ONE NAME, ONE PERSON, and ONE ACCOUNT POLICY.

15. The company reserves the right to modify, revise and update its existing online system, policies and business plan for the best interest of Global Adz Network Company and its members without prior notice





1. The company's daily operations for office hours is every Monday to Saturday at 10:00 AM to 4:00PM and closed every Sunday and Holiday

2. Chat Support Team (CST) is only for assistance of these specific issues and concerns: Payment Concerns, Pay Out Concerns and Account Concerns.

    And not for resolving any of the following:

    *  Technical Issues

    *  Business/Network Growth

    *  Personal Issues

    *  other issue that is not related to the scope of CST

Note: Any of the Chat Support Team representatives has the authority to ban and endorse an Account Suspension or Termination of any of the visitors or members that will violate the CST Policies


3. Chat Support Team opens from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Monday to Saturday

4. For other concern(s) send it to - globaladz.official@gmail.com





Retailer and Sub-Dealer Account Activation (Webtool) will be process according to specified details by the members.


All technical services and E-Product support matters should be taken up directly to the system developers according to their terms.


NON-CONVERTIBLE INTO CASH once processed into the system.


The other paid fees will not be refunded/returned. This policy applies to all purchased item/product.






Members should send a request for account termination to our official email address with specified reasons and intentions. Member can still process the last Request Withdrawal.


Must have a sufficient balance to process Request Withdrawal and must have NO Violations made on or before processing the Self Termination.


A 15 - 30 working days processing should be observed before the processed request withdrawal be Approved or Disapproved


After this procedure the member will have no access and no rights to its accounts and it will be under the company's ownership.      


Forced Termination


The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Member's Account at its sole discretion if any suspicious fraudulent account(s) activity or behavior that may occur or violated these Terms & Conditions, Policies, and persuading the other member to transfer/join to other company.

In good faith and in its sole discretion, if it’s proved that a member had breached these Terms & Conditions, BOX Company will send an email to the respondent member notifying him/her about the termination of its account(s).

The respondent member will have 3-5 business days to answer the said issue(s).If he/she did not cooperate to this procedure its accounts will automatically deactivated from the system and can no longer access on it.


Sanctions and Executions


A) 1st Offense: 10 -15 days Membership Probation (account deactivation except E-loading Account)

* Cannot process the Request Withdrawal while still under probation.


B) 2nd Offense: 15 - 30 days Membership Suspension (account deactivation except E-loading Account)During suspension period a suspended member will be:

* Temporarily Banned from Chat Support and Group Pages

* Temporarily Kicked out from all Group Chats

* All the earnings from Click Ad account will be reset into zero (0) balance.


C) 3rd Offense: Membership Termination (ejected from the company)

* Will be ejected from the company

* Cannot process the Self-Termination


D) Auto Suspension and Auto Termination should take effect for Major Violations Termination of Account(s) without any notice or warning such as :

* Damaging Company's Name and Reputations and its Management, Personnel and Work Force

* Using Company's Name for Personal Business/Interest

* Misconduct

* Successive Violation of Company's Terms and Policies





The Company shall not be liable for any faulty operation of the phone/gadget, computer hardware/software and Internet Network/Data Signal during registration and task participation.

The company does not guarantee any results that may not be obtained by all the features of website and its system and affiliates systems.

The Company will do its best to prevent any technical error that may occur during the task period, the company has the right to restart its system from the beginning, once the problem has been rectified.



     I hereby READ and UNDERSTAND to the best of my knowledge and will abide to these Terms and Conditions and policies and I do also acknowledge that any violation of the company policies and procedures may result in the revocation and/or termination of my Account and be liable for possible criminal and/or civil charges in the proper forum.